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Michael Aldrich Stamps
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London - England
From $3,800
From $2,000
Michael Aldrich Stamps
Abc Auction
Mea Auction
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Aldrich Stamps can help you find the right approach.


Buying and Selling Stamps for more than 45 Years

ABC Auctions

Selling U.S. and World Wide collections, accumulations, & balance lots via online auctions, multiple times each year. Lot values range from $100 - $50,000.


MEA Auctions

MEA Auctions sell U.S. and World Wide singles and sets via online auctions that are held multiple times each year. Lot values range from $50 - $10,000.


Aldrich Stamps

We currently sell U.S. and Worldwide singles and sets. Generally, our sales consist of about 80% U.S. and 20% Worldwide. Browse our full selection.


About Us

Michael E. Aldrich Auctions sells U.S. and Worldwide singles and sets via online auctions. The company has held over 70 sales in the past few decades. This auction generally sells higher value items that typically realize in the $100-10,000 and up range. This sale has featured very strong sections of U.S. Revenues in their past offerings.

Our Michael E. Aldrich Auctions also have a live internet bidding component. We use Stamp Auction Network (SAN) as our live bidding platform. Those who are interested in bidding live during the sale will need to go to SAN and register as a bidder and they must request bidding approval from Michael E. Aldrich Auctions. Once approval is made, bidders need only go to the SAN home page and click on the Michael E. Aldrich Auctions link. This will take them to the Michael E. Aldrich Auctions screen and they will be given a live bidder number for that sale.

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