Selling Your Stamps by Private Treaty

- The process of selling your stamps by private treaty, is quite simply, selling your stamps directly to another collector via an agent or broker.  In most cases, this middle man is a stamp dealer or auction house.  Private treaty sales can consist of one stamp, set, or whole collections of stamps.

- We have done many private treaty sales over the years and most often, they were collections, and in many cases, specialized collections.  It usually starts where a collector has a collection for sale. He may want a price that is in excess of the wholesale price which leaves the collector with the option of finding a collector that may be interested in the collection in its entirety. Since most dealers work with many collectors, they usually know of one or more collectors with an interest in the area that is being offered. Some collectors have an idea of what they want for their collections, but in many cases the dealer or broker has the responsibility of coming up with the price for the collection being offered.  Naturally, the broker or dealer receives a fee for the service of placing private treaty sales.

Advantages of selling stamps by private treaty:

Disadvantages of selling your stamps by private treaty:

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