Selling Your Stamps Outright

- There are many ways of selling your stamps outright. Many collectors sell their stamps directly to stamp dealers. They may also sell their stamps to auction houses who in turn break the collections down and sell them in their own sales. Collectors may sell their stamps to other collectors via stamp clubs or shows.  It is not unusual for collectors to give or sell their stamps to friends or family.

- In selling your stamps outright, it is usually the collector that must determine the value of the collection. Unfortunately, many collectors do not have a good handle on current market conditions, so the process of evaluating the collection can sometimes be very difficult.  If a collector relies on the dealer or friend to establish the selling price, they should have enough trust in that person to accurately determine the selling price.  Needless to say, there is some danger in selling your stamps outright.

Advantages of selling stamps outright:

Disadvantages of selling stamps outright:

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