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Michael E. Aldrich Auctions are held approximately four to five times per year. We are constantly looking for consignments for our auction sales and for the most part we are always working to put together the next sale.


We currently sell U.S. and Worldwide singles and sets. Generally our sales consist of about 80% U.S. and 20% Worldwide. In addition we have been long time specialists in U.S. B.O.B. material especially U.S. Revenues. Each sale we endeavor to offer many individual lots of B.O.B. and Revenue material to our extensive customer base in these areas.

We are very interested in obtaining consignments of individual U.S. and Worldwide collections. Mint or used, singles, sets or multiples are what our clients are looking for. Also consignors with exihibition collections are eagerly desired.


The minimum estimate lot value must be $100.00. Lots with a lower value will be returned to the consignor or grouped for sale in our ABC Auction sales where we sell collections, accumulations and balance lots. Larger value lots may be broken down into smaller individual lots to better maximize the overall results of the total consignment. We have found that over the years collectors will bid on and buy lots with lower values and pay more than dealers will for the same lot. Breaking down a large consignment into individual singles and sets will almost always yeild better results than selling large or expensive lots or collections intact.

Each lot will have the current Scott catalog value in the description and/or an estimated net value (ENV) listed. The catalog values will provide a starting point for the bidder. If a catalog other than Scott is used we will state so in the description.

The estimated net values (ENV) are always done by our staff. Collectively our staff and describers have over 75 years of philatelic knowledge and market experience. These estimates provide our bidders with a professional and informed market evaluation of what we feel the particular lot will bring in the current market place.

Bidders bidding in "the range" ie (300-400) will likely have success in their attempt to bid and buy a particuar lot. Bidders bidding above the estimate will have very good success and those bidders bidding less than the estimate will have moderate success. Generally bidders bidding half the estimate or less will not be successful bidders in our sales.


Our staff has over 75 years of philatelic experience in evaluating and writing auction lot descriptions. Most often our staff is responsible for describing any items consigned to our sales. We do although, work with consignors, and endeavor to include any information the consignor desires to have included in a particular lot description.


We do extensive marketing and advertising for each our our Michael E. Aldrich Auction sales. Our constantly updated customer database contains thousands of bidders and buyers of collections, accumulations and balance lots. We utilize both regular mail and email to notify our buyers of upcoming sales. We also maintain a constant contact with the bidders in each sale to keep them apprised of the status of their bids in that sale.

We advertise in most of the major philatelic publications on a regular basis. We also market each sale on our websites.

In addition, we are constantly and aggressively seeking out new bidders via direct mail, stamp shows, national philatelic publications and our websites.


The consignment fees for our Michael E. Aldrich Auctions vary slightly depending on the individual consignment. Generally consignors can expect a fee range of 10-15%. Consignments that require traveling to obtain and ship or those that are exceptionally bulky will tend to have a higher fee. Also, consignments that require an extraordinary amount of staff labor to break down and describe will often have a higher fee.

The fee for large or very large consignments with significant value may be lower or negotiated by the consignor and our firm.

There are no other lotting fees, photography fees or any other costs associated with consignments to our Michael E. Aldrich Auction sales.


Consignors in our Michael E. Aldrich Auctions are paid 60 days after the date of the sale.  

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